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Allen, William (That Football Match) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Anastasi, C. (The Time Machine) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Anderson, Janet (Isolation) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Anderson, John (The Storm) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Artis, Pauline (Letter from a student nurse) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Astill, J. (Oh! What a Lovely War review) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Atkins, Diane (The Lion Cub) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Baker, Keith (Fishing) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Bamber, Jeffrey (A Train at Night) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Bardwell, Mary (The Snow) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Barker, P. (Untitled) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Baxter, Janet (The Train Journey) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Beasley, John (Pottery) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Beattie, P. (The Snow) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Beeson, Brenda (The Cowzies) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Benbow, R. (The Tramp) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Bigmore, J. (Running Down a Burning Staircase) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Bishop, Ernest (The Song of the Red Caps) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Bloomfield, Janet (The Squirrel) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Bloomfield, Janet (Cave Paintings) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Bloomfield, Janet (Two Thousand Pounds) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Blyth, Valerie (The Old House) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Bone, M. (Untitled) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Bowen, Linda (The Commonwealth Institute) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Bowers, Winnie (Netball Report) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Bracher, Olive (Schoolgirl Orators) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Bracher, Olive (An Incident at the Cake Sale) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Britzler, Ruth (Un Rêve) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Brown, M. (Gibraltar Journey) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Burgess, Trevor (Fish Mobile - a lino cut) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Cackett, Frank (A Motoring Adventure in India) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Carpenter, George (Launcelot in London) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Carpenter, George (Our Age) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Carveley, Ken (Christian Union) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Carveley, Ken (Christian Union) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Chaubert, Elaine (Little Sue) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Chimchirian, Haig (The Oak Tree) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Chimchirian, Haig (Twilight Time) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Chimchirian, Haig (The Sea) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Chimchirian, Haig (SS Beaverford) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Clarke, B. (The Rogue Elephant) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Cooper, Gillian (A Day on the Farm) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Cox, P. (Morning) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Davis, B. (A Limerick) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Davis, H. C. ('Three Dozen Years' - a school history)
Dickinson, Keith (Hallucinations) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Diver, K. (The Little Boys of Tott'n'm) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Dowers, Joy (Leaves Through the Window) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Dring, Tony (Film Club Report) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Dring, Tony (Film Club Report) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Dudley, M. (Sitting in Space) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Edmund, Robert (Fireworks) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Elam, Jennifer (A Journey Up In a Lift) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Ellis, G. (Orchestra and Choir) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Everest, R. (The Bird's Nest) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Few, R (Tench) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Fisher, J. R. (Obit for Mr. Fiddick) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Fisher, J. R. (Introduction) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Fisher, J. R. (Headmaster's Letter) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Foweraker, Brenda (A Frosty Morning) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Frost, Gillian (Christmas) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Frost, Gillian (Exams) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Garwood, Tony (The Press) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Goring, Ken (Comparisons) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Gray, D. (Wreck) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Hagger, H. (Oliver review) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Hammans, L. (Christmas) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Hammans, L. (A Fairy Tale) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Hammans, L. (The Blackbird) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Hammans, L. (Untitled) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Hammans, L. (Untitled) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Hammans, L. (The Revelation) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Hanline, J. R. (A Limerick) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Hanley, T. (Fireworks) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Harris, Rachel (Little Boy Lost) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Hillier, John (A Limerick) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Hillier, John (The Cheat) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Hollister, R. (An Interruption) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Hollister, R. (SS Beaverford) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Houghton, M. (Firework Night) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Houghton, M. (The Sunken Continent) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Houghton, M (Forest Frost) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Houghton, M. (The Christmas Dinner) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Houghton, M. (The Fisherman's Catch) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Houghton, M (The Stranger) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Huff, R. (Spaghetti) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Huffer, Veronica (Kandersteg report) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Huffer, Veronica (Doctor in the House report) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Huffer, Veronica (Ambushed) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Huffer, Veronica (School Christmas Tree report) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Hughes, Derek (Collecting Coins) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Hull, E. (Untitled) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
James, R. (The Fortune Teller) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Jaques, A. S. (Prize Day) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Jaques, A. S. (Footnote) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Jaques, A. S. (An End & A Beginning) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
James, R. (The Haunted House) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Jarman, Colin (The Camera Club) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Jarman, C. (A Visit to Stratford) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Jeny, Nigel (Hallowe'en) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Johnson, David (School Choir & Orchestra) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Kellard, B. (The Owl) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Kelsey, M. (Chess Club report) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Kimmings, H. (The Cookery Centre) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
King, Elsie (A History of IVa) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
L., E. M. (Forever Amber?) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Lambert, Leslie (The Cake Sale) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Leighton, Rita (Bed) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Lock, E. (Noise) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Lockyer, R. (Last Performance) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Lockyer, R. (How I Missed the Last Bus Home) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Lockyer, R. (Untitled) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Lowman, P. (A Meal) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Lyons, P. (A Journey to a Football Ground) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Marcu, Janis (Beowulf's Fight) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Marcu, Janis (Fairground on a Frosy Evening) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Martin, Anita (Fog) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Martin, C. (Noise) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Matthews, Janette (The Cruise) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
McGarry, B. (The Farm) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Mercer, N. S. (Headmaster) (Intro to 'Three Dozen Years')
Miles, Theresa (Sports Day) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
"Modest" (Shoes) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Morgan, R. (Oh! What a Lovely War review) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Mortimer, R. (The School of Fantasy) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Mortimer, Raymond (Solitude) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Moxon, Vera (A Lonely Beach) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Moxon, Vera (Prefects' Social) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Moxon, Vera (A TV Debut) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Moy, Barbara (Writhesby Hall) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Moy, Barbara (Oh! War) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Murden, Anne (Men, by Mandy the Donkey) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Murden, Anne (Isolation) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Murley, Carol (Monday Morning) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Murley, Carol (Fog) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Neale, K. (The Hundred Pound Guy) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
New, Paul (Book Fair Outing) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Noble, K. R. (The Shipwreck) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Norris, Jennifer (Spring Gardens) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Nyman, Stephen (The Stones) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Owen, Leslie (OSA Notes) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Pajak, Rosemary (Jack Frost) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Peacock, M. (The White Gods from the Sea) (Magazine, Christmas, 1961)
Phipps, K. (Smells) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Piggott, Sheila (Smoke) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Potter, Anita (The Fortune Teller) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Rudd, Christine (Leaves Through the Window) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Rudd, Christine (Supporters' Lament) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Rudd, Christine (Sailing to New Horizons) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Ryan, P. (G.C.E.) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Ryan, Peter (Living Smoke) (Magazine, Summer, 1962)
Salmon, Pat (Kandersteg Report) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Sampson, P. (A Joke) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Shad, Elizabeth (Snow) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Shine, A. J. (Fete Report) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Shine, A. J. (The Printing Club) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Shine, A. J. (Editorial) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Smith, Graham (Doctor Livingstone) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Stares, Linda (Yesterday Has Gone) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Stevens, Leonard (I Don't Know) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Taylor, R. (Astronomy) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Thomas, Harry (The Dancing Lesson) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Thomas, Harry (The Senior Football Team) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Thornton, Patrick (Fairs) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)
Tye, B. (Early Morning) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Walker, Edna (The Christian Union) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Watkinson, D. (Life) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Watts, D. (Old Ben) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Watts, Michael (Explorers in Space) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Wells, Lorna (Our Motto) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Wells, Lorna (The Snowflakes & the Stars) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Wells, S. D. (A Wet Day) (Magazine, Christmas, 1960)
Wells, Stephanie (Poppies) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Wendland, Hilda (How It's Done) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Whaley, Diane (Isolation) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Whaley, Diane (Much Lamented) (Magazine, Summer, 1964)
Wickham, E. (The Days of Yore) (Magazine, Christmas 1926)
Wignall, R. (Night) (Magazine, Summer 1959)
Willis, A. (Untitled) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Wilson, Linda (Untitled) (Magazine, Summer, 1963)
Wise, Iris (Kandersteg Report) (Magazine, Summer, 1960)
Youell, Linda (Deserted London) (Magazine, Summer, 1961)