Dido and Aeneas - May 1960

The Summer 1960 school magazine reported that Purcell's opera "Dido and Aeneas" was presented by the School Music Society on May 12th, 13th and 14th of that year. These photos of the production were supplied by Clive Hall.

Dido 1960

Dido 1960

Belinda, Dido and Aeneas

Dido 1960

The Spirit
of Mercury
(P. Bowers?)

Pauline Artis played Belinda and Rosemary Kitchen was Dido.
Aeneas was sung by Mr. P. Francis, a former pupil of the school, who joined the teaching staff in September 1960

Dido 1960

The Sailors. Eric Cutts, left and Russell Phipps, far right. Possibly Ken Andrew, 2nd left. The others would be N. Bannister, R. Leader, B. Simpson.

Dido 1960

The Witches' Chorus "Ho, ho, ho".

Dido 1960

The sorceress (R. Leighton), centre and the witches.

Dido 1960

The death of Dido - "When I am laid in earth".

The Cast:

Dido, or Elissa, Queen of Carthage    R. Kitchen
Belinda, a Lady in Waiting P. Artis
First Woman K. Gregg
Sorceress R. Leighton
First Witch J. Woodward
Second Witch V. Huffer
Aeneas, a Trojan Prince P. Francis
Spirit of Mercury R. Lockyer and
P. Bowers

Chorus of Courtiers, Witches and Sailors:

J. Baxter, M. Berry, A. Blayney, V. Blyth, M. Brignell, R. Britzler, C. Bruce, S. Bysouth, C. Capon, L. Caten, J. Every, M. Fletcher, A. Foreman, J. Gibson, J. Giles, I. Hedges, P. Hill, G. Horton, J. Hounsell, S. Jenness, P. Johnson, B. Law, K. Levett, S. Marson, J. Matthews, P. Meredith, C. Morgan, B. Moy, S. Newman, D. Regan, P. Ungerer, J. Vacher, J. Winsor, I. Wise, A. Wingfield, K. Andrew, N. Bannister, E. Cutts, R. Leader, R. Phipps, B. Simpson.

The members of the orchestra were: First violins: C. Waker, C. Page, C. Gore, E. Manning, Second violins: B. Sheff, C. Hall, G. Watsham, Violas: Miss Rowntree, Mr. Rokos, Cello: D. Johnson, Piano: Miss Fairchild.

Miss C. Clarke conducted, and the production was by Mr. A. S. Jaques.

Many other members of staff contributed to the successful performances, including Mrs. A. Cleare (designing and making costumes); Mr. R. Dunhill (lighting); Mrs. E. Leech (business management); Mr. L. Williams and Miss B. Brooker (props) and Mr. A. Shine (printing). Assistance was given too by several Old Scholars, and of course by Mr. Miller.


Finally, here is the front cover of the programme, printed in the school. This copy was sent to us by Barbara Moy.

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