Alan Fiddick

7th November 1931 - 29 January 1960

Alan FiddickAlan Fiddick was at Downhills from September 1956 until has tragic death in 1960. He was very popular, almost being considered "one of the boys". His early death had a massive impact on every one in the school. Even after all this time, bearing in mind the short period he was with us, he is vividly remembered by those he taught and mentored.

Alan Fiddick

Alan Lawrence Fiddick was born in Barry, Glamorgan, the son of Harold Fiddick, a Methodist Minister. He had two sisters, Joyce and Sheila. He attended Manchester Grammar School from 1942 until 1950, after which he was called-up for National Service, serving in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, leaving in 1952.

Alan FiddickHe graduated from Keele University in 1956 with a BA in English and History. Downhills was his first appointment.

Alan Fiddick
Alan was at the same time both reserved and forthright. In the fashion of the time he sported distinctive "sideburns", and sometimes wore thick crepe-soled shoes, making him very trendy for a teacher. Those boys who over-stepped the mark were rewarded by the application of a PE slipper across the nether regions - an act unthinkable in today's PC conscious world. Nobody complained. Indeed, it almost became a "rite of passage" to be "slippered" by Alan.

In common with many of his contemporaries, his period of National Service had made him very fit. Alan FiddickHe was a very energetic young man, walking with huge strides. He was of medium height and rather "lean". We are informed he played Rugby at University, not doubt to a very high standard. He was also a very enthusiastic member of the Scouts movement. At Downhills his energies were also applied to the benefit of the school in all areas of extra-curricular activity, most of all stage productions.

Returning home on his motor-cycle from the school Christmas party in late December 1959, he was involved in a head on collision with a car on the Kingston-by-pass. He suffered very severe head injuries from which he succumbed several weeks later. Alan was unmarried.

After investing some considerable time on the Internet, we managed to trace Alan Fiddick's older sister, Mrs Joyce Raper, who now lives in Leicestershire. She has viewed this page and states the family is quite touched by the affection shown towards her late brother. Mrs Raper provided the new photographs of Alan, something for which we are very grateful. - J.F.