Undated, but probably Summer 1959

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Cover With no tradition of School Magazines, it is difficult to know where to begin this, our "first-for-a-long-time" edition. Let us then pretend that we have always had one, and continue here and now, casting our eyes forward, not back.

Next year we hope to have a much larger edition, printed and illustrated. For the present we thank Mrs. Leech for the care she has taken in preparing stencils.

We congratulate the writers of the pleasing verse and prose included in this edition. A School Magazine, of course, should be written by members of the School and so next year we shall need even more poems, stories, and articles of interest - both serious and amusing.


Mrs. Martinez leaves us, and teaching, at the end of term. No one at Downhills can help feeling sorry that she will not be with us after the Summer Holidays. Such regret is common when a member of staff leaves, especially after a considerable time with us, but for Mrs. Martinez our feelings are deeper than usual.

Her ability to blend efficiency with tolerance, and discipline with compassion, her impartiality and sense of humour have set an example for us all, so that we are losing not only a teacher but a very good friend. It is our earnest hope that she returns to visit us whenever she is able to and she can be sure of a most warm welcome.

However, while we feel sorry for ourselves at the departure of Mrs. Martinez, we feel glad for her that she can now relax from some of the strains of working, and we sincerely hope that she will enjoy her retirement as much as she has earned it.


Prize Day was held this year on November 12th and as over 900 people were present, we were offered the Hall in the Primary School, for which we are grateful to Miss Jewell and Mr. Wells.

Alderman Mrs. Remington, in the chair, welcomed our guests who included Reverend and Mrs. L. Farmer, Mr. and Mrs. J. Power, Alderman R. W. H. Ford, Councillor H. Langer, County Councillor Mrs. Soall, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas, and many other friends of the school.

Mr. Fisher reviewed the aims of the school, its activities and progress. While certain facilities remained in need of improvement, development had taken place and others were anticipated, such as the library, smaller classes, equipment of laboratories, and refurnishing. Mr. Fisher felt that we could be pleased with our results in the G.C.E. He reported with pleasure the activities of the School Orchestra, the visits abroad, the School Play and the active Parent-Teacher Association and Old Scholars' Association.

Before Mrs. Remington called upon Reverend Farmer to present the prizes, the Orchestra and Choir gave an accomplished performance, conducted by Miss Clarke, of her own arrangement of Bach's "Peasant Cantata." We were interested and amused to hear that Reverend Farmer had been a pupil in the very school in which he was now speaking. He reminded us that prizes were not the only measure of success. He recalled that he himself had never received a prize while at school, and he comforted those who were not receiving prizes at the same time as he congratulated those who were.


Present 2nd Year.

Judith Benson, Jacqueline Wood, Janet Baxter, Eric Rowley, Anita Potter, David Bull, Barbara Waple.

Present 3rd Year.

Jean Every, David Joy, Roger Beckwith, Susan Jenness, Anita Frost, Jennifer Barke, Iris Wise.

Present 4th Year.

Marion Tickner, Richard Bartlett, Catherine Barrett, Terence Minton, Gloria Taiano, Leslie Goold.

Present 5th Year.

Colin Waker, Rosemary Kitchen, Michael Howard, Jean Caten, Jeanne Luly.

Remington Prize.

Priscilla Ungerer (Presented by Alderman Mrs. A. F. Remington)

Best G.C.E. Results.

Derek Eddowes, Geoffrey Lane.

Headmaster's Prizes. (For performances of merit in the School Play 1958)

Rita Leighton, Malcolm Shelley.

Senior Prefects' Prizes.

Patricia Fisher, Colin Waker.

Subject Prizes

Sheila Piggott (English); Colin Waker (Mathematics); Ruth Britzler (French); Janet Davis (History); Rosemary Kitchen (Geography); Colin Waker (Physics); Margaret Rollings (Biology); Patricia Fisher (Art); Susanna Strange (Needlework); Jean Coltman (Domestic Science); Rosemary Kitchen (Music); John Snelgrove (Woodwork); Julie Potton (Commercial Subjects).

General Certificate of Education Winners

Maureen Briggs; Ruth Britzler; Gillian Bryant; Margaret Chamberlaine; Janet Davis; Patricia Fisher; Doreen Gray; Patricia Hough; Janice Nilsson; Rose Plosky; Bette Smith; Beryl Turner; Anthony Breakspear; Norman Cox; John Easom; Derek Eddowes; Peter Gilmore; David Good; John Hare-Brown; Brian Hodgkin; Geoffrey Lane; David MacDonald; Andrew McLellan; Raymond Millbery; Malcolm Shelley; Raymond Rawlins; Frederick Stapleton; John Stokes; Donald Vale; Roy Walton; Anthony Wright.

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