Undated, but probably Summer 1959

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"A" LEAGUE (under 15)
played: 15; won: 7; drawn: 1; lost: 7; goals for: 50; against: 38; position: 4th

"B" LEAGUE (under 13)
played: 16; won: 1; drawn: 6; lost: 9; goals for: 23; against: 56; position: 7th



v. Parkhurst: Downhills 87 for 7 dec.; Parkhurst 44 all out....WON
v. Belmont: Downhills 31 all out; Belmont 32 for 1....LOST


v. Roland Hill: Downhills 48 all out; Roland Hill 42 all out....WON
v. Markfield: Downhills 107 for 8 dec.; Markfield 17 all out....WON
v. Page Green: Downhills 132 for 7 dec; Page Green 44 all out....WON
v. St. Thomas More: Downhills 104 for 8 dec.; St. Thomas More 49 all out....WON
v. Parkhurst: Downhills 63 all out; Parkhurst 31 all out....WON


The Junior Netball team played 15 games, won 6, drawn 2, lost 7.
The Rounders team have so far won 2 of 6 matches played.


Sports Day this year was Friday 29th May and as usual we all went into Downhills Park where freshly painted running lanes and finishing lines were awaiting our eager feet.

The heats had already been run, the throwing and jumping events had been decided, and the points already gained were so distributed that although Roberts House was slightly in the lead the Mercer Cup was at the mercy of any one of the four houses.

The weather had been so bad that the field had been unusable and in effect the houses had had only one day each in which to practise. Still, many people had trained hard at every spare moment and when Finals Day arrived, competition was keen and there was an air of excitement throughout the afternoon as each result brought the scores closer together.

Eventually Semmons emerged the winners with 288 points, with Wilson second (277½ points), third Roberts (269½ points) and Mandall fourth (259 points).

Long jump girls

-13 B. Uff (S); -15 J. Woodward (S); +15 C. Grundy (M)

Long jump boys

-13 C. Wilson (R); -15 R. Brown (R); +15 C. Waker (R)

High jump girls

-13 J. Hills (M); -15 M. Fletcher (R); +15 D. Nunn (W)

High jump boys

-13 I. McNab (S); -15 T. Jackson (S); +15 B. Simpson (R)

Hop, step & jump

-13 G. Bartlett (S); -15 D. Pugh (W); +15 J. Roper (M)


-15 P. Allwright (S); +15 R. Leader (M)


-15 A. Aylett (M); +15 H. Pataky (M)


-15 T. Jackson (S); +15 N. Bannister (M)

100 yards girls

-13 P. Dewey (R); -14 P. Healey (W); -15 S. Maslen (S); +15 C. Grundy (M)

100 yards boys

-13 G. Bartlett (S); -14 A. Russell (R); -15 T. Jackson (S); +15 B. Simpson (R)

120 yards girls

-13 B. Uff (S)

150 yards girls

-14 J. Baxter (S); -15 S. Maslen (S) +15 C. Buckland (W)

220 yards boys

-13 G. Bartlett (S); -14 A. Russell (R); -15 A. Aylett (M) +15 J. Snelgrove (W)

440 yards boys

-15 A. Aylett (M); +15 N. Waghorn (S)

880 yards boys

-15 T. Jackson (S); +15 N. Waghorn (S)

Hurdles girls

-13 P. Dewey (R); -14 H. Kernot (W); -15 J. Cato (R); +15 C. Brooker (M)

Hurdles boys

-13 D. Tompkins (R) -14 ?. Blackley (R), J. Brown (S) (tie); -15 H. Chimchirian (W); +15 P. Gardner (S)

Girls relays

-13 B. Uff, K. Levett, H. Gardner, K. Stitson (S)
-15 C. Waghorn, J. Barke, J. Jarman, P. Hemmings (M)
+15 C. Brooker, M. Scott, C. Grundy, G. Strayton (M)

Boys relays

-13 D. Tompkins, C. Wilson, W. Davis, P. Lyons (R)
-15 D. Jones, M. Granger, T. Jackson, P. Allwright (S)
+15 M. Kelsey, J. Snelgrove, P. Keasley, N. Johnston (W)

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