Undated, but probably Summer 1959

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Chairman: Mr. J. R. Fisher
Vice-Chairman: Mr. A. Stewart
Secretary: Miss B. Brooker
Treasurer: Mr. L. Bilding


Mr. G. Rowe; Mr. B. Reynolds; Mr. R. Jenkins; Mr. M. Fry; Mr. R. Behan; Miss E. Mann; Miss E. Ambrose; Miss V. Pugh

Every Thursday evening at 7.30 some sixty or seventy members gather for a sociable time. In addition to the usual table-tennis, billiards and dancing, there has been keen interest in football and cricket. The footfall team, formed only three years ago, has been promoted from the third division to the first division, a great achievement indeed.

The Dramatic Society presented "Friendly Relations" in November and was thoroughly enjoyed by cast and audience.

Two dances have been held at school and one at "The Falcon" in Waltham Cross. A trip to see the illuminations at Southend was popular and it is hoped to make a similar excursion later this year.

We like to hear news of Old Scholars and if any readers have any news to pass on to others, it would be very welcome. We hear that Philip Francis is at Trent Park Training College and his brother Peter is studying at Middlesex Hospital Medical School. Tony Polley is teaching at Rowland Hill before he goes to Avery Hill Training College. Ray Wright (50-54) is in New Zealand.

Many Old Scholars have married, among the recent to wed are Stella Coulson (1948-52), Ann Carter (52-56), Ron Winterflood (47-52), Malcolm Riggs (46-50), June Millen (49-54), Jean Vacher (49-53), Sheila Roberts (49-53), John Batsford (46-50), Pat Atkins (49-53), Jacqueline Aldwynkle (51-55), Sheila Frost (47-52), Marlene and Maureen Kent (50-52), Carol King (49-53), Stewart Almond to Margaret Freeman (49-53), Anita Lewis (48-52), Clifford Salmon (47-51), Alan Hammant (47-51) and Pam Youngman (48-52).



Chairman: Mr. J. R. Fisher
Vice-Chairman: Mrs. S. A. Martinez
Hon. Secretary: Mrs. E. M. Leech
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. A. J. Mendham

Parents' representatives

1st year: Mr Beckett; 2nd year: Mr. Wood; 3rd year: Mrs Bissett; 4th year: Mrs. Wingfield; 5th year: Mr. Gardner; 6th year: Mrs. Britzler.

Teachers' representatives

Miss Brooker; Miss Clarke; Miss Cowburn; Miss Haddock; Miss Quass; Mr. Gates.

Representing Old Scholars' Parents: Mr. Cheek.

The P.T.A. has had an interesting and successful year. It has held two open meetings, the first being addressed by Mr. A. W. McClellan, Director of Libraries and Museum, who spoke on the library Service. In spite of the fact that this meeting was held on one of the foggiest nights of the winter, it was well attended. At the second meeting, Mr. W. G. Penn, the Health Education Officer for Middlesex spoke on "The Evolution and Progress of Child Care". This meeting was exceptionally well attended.

Seven Committee Meetings have been held and several subcommittees have met to arrange specific functions such as the Jumble Sale and Social. The Jumble Sale produced a profit of over 31. Subscriptions from over 300 members totalled 16 8s. 0d. and while the annual October social did not make a great profit, it was very successful in terms of enjoyment. Mr. Gardner, as usual, made an excellent job of being M.C.

The parents have indeed been generous with their funds. They have bought Prefects' badges, benches for the girls' playground, football and netball equipment, and books for the Library. The relationship in our Association has continued cordial and its aim, co-operation.


The IVth year Biology class visited the Natural History Museum, where a lecturer guided them from pre-historic animals to modern whales and sharks. The afternoon of July 17th was spent at Kew Gardens. After a picnic lunch, the party saw The Giant Water Lily, cacti and animal-eating plants. Later, when feet were tired, the feeding habits of the ducks, on the pond by the Palm House proved just as absorbing.

The IVth year Physics class has made two visits to the Science Museum for lectures by Major V. C. Wall, A.M.I.Mech.E., F.R.A.S. The first, "The Strength of Materials" was a "smashing" affair, with concrete, steel and armour-plated glass being tested to destruction. Harrowing stories of metal fatigue and a film of the Tacoma Bridge disaster punched home the fact that we have a lot to learn about the strength of materials. The Story of Flight, our second lecture, came to life when we reached the jet age and a fascinating tour of the aviation section of the Museum concluded a most interesting afternoon.

Did you knew that in the G.C.E. 1959, 400 papers were taken, over 2,000 sheets of paper used and over a million words written? Had one person done all the writing, it would have taken him six and a half weeks, day and night, non-stop writing! Had the answers been in one sentence, that sentence would have been over ten miles long!


On the very eve of going to press comes the news that once again the boys have won the Tottenham Sports Trophy - which makes seven triumphs in the last eight years, and the girls are runners-up again - surely a remarkable achievement that speaks for the work done by Mr. Rowe, Miss Allinson, and all those competitors who trained so hard for the occasion.