Christmas 1960

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Cover I cannot believe it is almost six months since I was asked to write a few words for the magazine. Yet the familiar signs of the scholastic year tell me that it must be so. Then, the school hall, with its rows of desks, reminded us daily that the stern business of G.C.E. was upon us: now our Christmas tree has been set up there and, as day by day its appearance becomes more festive, it proclaims that the season of goodwill is upon us. I am particularly glad that it proclaims your goodwill towards less fortunate people at Christmas time, and I hope that your gifts on the tree will bring real pleasure wherever they go. I wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Since I last wrote, over a hundred new pupils have joined the school, whilst rather less have left to take up jobs of many kinds. More pupils than ever before have remained to take their G.C.E., and it is good to have among us a group of dignified and hardworking sixth formers! They must be inspired, I'm sure, by the success last year of Rosemary Kitchen and Ruth Britzler in the 'A' level examination, and like them, must look forward to the thrill and satisfaction of going to college. And may I remind you all that opportunities are now greater than ever before, and that excellent training schemes are available to pupils who leave school with good qualifications.

Since the summer holidays there have been several staff changes. In July Miss Clark left us to take up a post as Music Lecturer at a teachers' Training College in Yorkshire. Mr. Jenkins left to take charge of the Economics Department at Acton County School. In September we were joined by Miss Flowers to take charge of the Music Department; Mr. Ward, who comes to us from Markfield School; Mr. Learner to take charge of Woodwork and Mr. Francis, who is himself an old pupil of Downhills. Both to those who have left us, and to those who join us, we extend our very good wishes for happiness in the work they are doing.

PRIZE DAY - 23rd November, 1960 by A.S.J.

This year the prizes were presented by Mrs. S. A. Martinez, Deputy Head Teacher until her retirement in July 1959.

After the opening hymn (God be in my head) the Chairman, Councillor Mrs. M. E. Protheroe, welcomed the guests and formally opened proceedings. The Headmaster reported on the work of the school, and spoke of the many leisure-time activities which we pursue.

Next the School Choir and School Orchestra gave a short concert, consisting of an English folk song, 'Mowing the Barley,' an Italian folk song, 'Marianina,' 'Five Eyes,' by Armstrong Gibbs, and two of the choral dances sung during the Khan's entertainment of his Russian captives in Borodin's opera 'Prince Igor,' sung with great verve.

Mrs. Martinez then presented the prizes and certificates won during the year, and spoke to the school, taking as her theme the triple pillars of the School badge: Duty, Courage and Success.

Miss Edith M. Haas presented the prize given in her name, by a distinguished Old Boy, for imaginative writing in English to David Watkinson.

The Martinez Prize, presented annually in the name of Mrs. S. A. Martinez for distinguished work at an advanced level, was won by Rosemary Kitchen.

After Miss Haas' speech a vote of thanks was proposed by Alderman A. Reed, J.P., and seconded by the Senior Prefect, Edna Walker.

The evening concluded with Blake's 'Jerusalem' sung by the whole audience.

The following list of names didn't appear in the magazine, but has been taken from the Prize Day Programme.

Subject Prizes

Art: Rosemary Foale; Eileen Wingfield
English: Maureen Connally; Michael Manlove
Maths: (junior) Carol Kreetzer; (senior) David Smith
History: David Johnson
Geography: John Roper
French: (junior) Kenneth Noble; (senior) Ruth Britzler
Commercial Subjects: Maureen Foskett; David Irvine
Chemistry: David Smith
Physics: Peter Farren
Biology: Margaret Rollings
Music: Jennifer Norris
Domestic Science: Vera Moxon
Needlework: Priscilla Ungerer
Technical Drawing: Roger Beckwith


Form prizes

1A: John Horne; Janette Matthews
1D: Denise Regan; Michael Briar
1H: Malcolm Bone; Raymond Hooper
2K: Anthony Dring; Clive Hall
2M: Kenneth Noble; Pamela Riley
2N: Carole Morgan; Peter Ryan
3F: Valerie Hellens; Anita Potter
3S: Kathleen Levett; Michael Wheeler
3T: Janet Baxter; Jacqueline Wood
4C: Pat Hemmings
4J: Roger Beckwith; Jean Every
4L: Linda Pepper; Haig Chimchirian
5th form: Vera Moxon; Margaret Rollings

General Certificate of Education

Ordinary Level (4th year)

Art: John Miles; Patrick Thornton; Jennifer Barke; Jean Every; Carole Gore; Lynda Pepper; Jennifer Norris
Music: Jennifer Norris
Needlework: Judith Bissett

Ordinary Level

Keith Anderson; Bernard Banks; Barry Bartlett; Richard Bartlett; Trevor Burgess*; Peter Cox; Allen Curtis*; Peter Edwards; Peter Farren; John Flint; Peter Gardner*; David Gray; David Irvine; Peter Keasley; Ronald Keeling; Michael Kelsey; Michael Manlove; Bruce McGarry; Terence Minton; Derek Smith; Neville Waghorn; David Watkinson; David Watts; Alan Wood; June Cato; Janet Coe; Jean Coltman; Maureen Connally; Diann Fawcett; Rosemary Foale*; Bernice Foreman; Maureen Foskett*; Christine Grundy*; Vera Moxon; Margaret Rollings; Katherine Segaloff; Pat Stock; Susanna Strange*; Priscilla Ungerer*; Edna Walker*; Eileen Wingfield*; Pamela Wingrove; Marion Wright; Jaqueline Woodward.

*City & Guilds of London Institute Certificate of Proficiency in Arithmetic obtained in lieu of GCE Mathematics. This certificate was also obtained by: Michael Aldridge; Leonard Curtis; Peter Holland; Pamela Mason; John Salt

Advanced Level

Ruth Britzler (French and Music); Rosemary Kitchen (Geography and Music)

Royal Society of Arts

Shorthand and Typewriting Stage 1

June Cato; Maureen Foskett; Pat Stock; Rosemary Foale; Pamela Mason; Pamela Wingrove; Jacqueline Woodward

Shorthand Stage 2

Maureen Connally

Typewriting Stage 1

Catherine Barrett; Diann Fawcett; Jacqueline Giles; Jennifer Jarman; Katherine Segaloff; Edna Walker; Eileen Edwards; Bernice Foreman; Christine Grundy; Carole Murley; Susanna Strange; Eileen Wingfield; Marion Wright

Shorthand Stage 2

June Cato; Maureen Foskett; Pamela Wingrove

Typewriting Stage 2

Pamela Mason

This little footnote was in the magazine....

Alderman Reed's remarks about the grace and beauty of some of the girl prizewinners found a response in a third form boy, who was inspired to write the following lines.


The speakers spoke and the orchestra played;
And the prizewinners all took a bow,
And I wish the girls in the sixth year then
Were in the third year now.

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