The 1953 Intake

1953 Intake 8 Gillian Bryant Valerie Keig Brian Raven John Thick John Easom 7 Pat May Sylvia Murden Malcolm Shelley John Oliver 5 4 3 Sidney Widdocks 2 1 Frank Gamble Roy Walton Eric Borley Tony Wright Terry Burton Bette Smith Norma (Tylee ???) Betty Martin Pamela Tickell Janice Neilson Brenda Russell Brenda Morgan Christine Salmon Margaret ??? Fred Stapleton

Brenda Russell has sent us this photo. She writes: "Taken September 1953, I think. This was the class picture of the students admitted to Downhills Central - but not as yet segregated into A/B/C classes. I think we took the exam at Christmas and after that this group was split up between the 3 classes. Only about 6 or 8 of the people in this picture actually stayed with me in Mr. Geoff Rowe's class. The class teacher was Mrs. Henfrey. Some of the students didn't even have their uniforms as yet, as you can see."

Brenda recalls some names, Bob Holder, Betty Pitt & Fred Stapleton also contributed:-
back row: Eric Borley; Roy Walton; Frank Gamble; ???; ???;
Sidney Widdocks; ???; Terry Burton; Fred Stapleton; ???; ???.
middle row: John Oliver; Tony Wright; Malcolm Shelley; Margaret ?; Sylvia Murden;
Pat May; Christine Salmon; ???; Brenda Morgan; John Easom;
John Thick; Brian Raven.
front row: Valerie Keig; Brenda Russell; Janice Neilson; Pamela Tickell;
Gillian Bryant; ???; Betty Martin; Norma (Tylee? - ed); Bette Smith.

1953 Intake Iris Plume Brenda Morgan Marion Tomasevski Brenda Russell Valerie Nunn Diane ??? Christine Salmon

Another of Brenda's pictures, this one was taken in the field behind the school.
left to right: Christine Salmon, Diane ? (the girl who played Unchained Melody at the class talent show), Valerie Nunn, Brenda Russell, Marion Tomasevski, Brenda Morgan, Iris Plume. Brenda says that they were not all in the same class.

1953 Intake Brian Hodgkinson Rod Winter Tony Wright Fred Wyllie Cliff Harland Brian Edwards Fred Stapleton Ray Rawlings Norman Cox Roy Walton Geoffrey Vivash Betty Martin Anne Saunders Ann Fordham Joyce Barker Janet Davis Joan Dalton Diane Cook Valerie Nunn Maureen Briggs Pamela Tickell John Harle-Brown Bette Smith Brenda Russell Pat Ellis June Nicholls Geoff Rowe Doreen Gray Margaret Nixon Ruth Britzler Ann Croker Tony Hedley Brian Raven Jimmy McKean

Pam Taylor (nee Tickell) sent us this shot taken in 1957.

back row: Brian Hodgkinson; Rod Winter; Tony Wright; Fred Wyllie; Cliff Harland;
Brian Edwards; Fred Stapleton; Ray Rawlings; Norman Cox; Roy Walton.
middle row: Geoffrey Vivash; Betty Martin; Anne Saunders; Ann Fordham;
Joyce Barker; Janet Davis; Joan Dalton; Diane Cook; Valerie Nunn;
Maureen Briggs; Pamela Tickell; John Hare-Brown.
front row: Bette Smith; Brenda Russell; Pat Ellis; June Nicholls; Geoff Rowe;
Doreen Gray; Margaret Nixon; Ruth Britzler; Ann Croker; Jimmy McKean.
sitting: Tony Hedley; Brian Raven.


The reverse of the above picture, has numerous autographs on it.

1953 Intake Alan Holloway Barry Darnell Tony Brakespear David Smith Frank  Gamble George Bundle Colin Mason Derek Eddowes John Easom Micky Ball Margaret Babbington 1 2 3 Beryl Turner John Oliver Brian Clifford Janice Nilsson Ann Honour Valerie McCole Mr Gregory Valerie Neport 5 6 Margaret Chamberlain

Another picture from 1957, this one sent by John Oliver.

Back Row: Barry Darnell, Tony Brakespear, David Smith, Frank Gamble,
George Bundle, Colin Mason, Derek Eddowes, John Easom.
Centre Row: Alan Holloway, Micky Ball, Margret Babbington, ???, ???, ???,
Beryl Turner, John Oliver, Brian Clifford.
Front Row: Janice Nilsson, Ann Honour, Valerie McCole, Mr Gregory,
Valerie Neport, ???, ???, Margret Chamberlain.

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