Trial by Jury - April 1965

Trial by Jury

This production of the short Gilbert and Sullivan operetta 'Trial by Jury' was staged in April, 1965. Although this is outside the life of the Central School, many of the people involved had started at DCS and we have therefore included these pictures here.

There was a supporting programme in the form of a Mime Fantasy by the School Junior Mime Club.

Pictures from Clive Hall.

Trial by Jury

Trial by Jury

Trial by Jury

The Learned Judge - P. Francis
The Plaintiff - Christine Rudd
The Defendant - Colin Martin
Counsel for the Plaintiff - Stephen Nyman
Usher - Robert Benbow
Foreman of the Jury - Clive Hall
First Bridesmaid - Anita Martin

Margaret Barker; Gillian Brown; Linda Allen; Christine Byrne

Michael Dudley; Alan Reid; David Watts; Roger Smith; Robert Good;
Paul Warren; Chris Anastasi; Robert White; Alan Woodroffe; Peter Zecchin

Members of the Public:-
Susan Smeeton; Brenda Osborn; Linda Stares;
Jasmin Gillett; Jean Collins; Sandra Good; Sheila Baldwin; Fay Barnwell;
Pauline Halfred; Jacqueline Connor; Gillian Hand; Vivienne Andrews

The Orchestra:-
1st Violins:- A. Stagg; Alvin Lawrence; Peter Walters; Alan Donald
2nd Violins:- John Neale; Reno Caldarelli; Gillian Hudson; Elaine Simpson
Viola:- Edward Manning
Cellos:- Elaine Woodcock; B. Postlethwaite
Clarinets:- A. Wood; E. Hough
Trumpets:- Raymond Hooper; Geoffrey Barber
Trombones:- Bryan Wells; Clive Lawrence
Percussion:- Ian Lingwood; V. Hawkes
Piano:- M. Heathcote

Musical Director:- E. J. Flowers

Producer:- A. Learner

Lighting:- Reginald Everest
Scenery:- Built in the School Workshops
Stage Management:- Robert Pace and Members of Course 34
Dressers:- Linda Brazier and Members of Course 32
Technicians:- Colin Jarman; John Berry; Raymond Brown
Makeup:- Linda Frost and Linda Fricker with Members of the 5th Form

The following review appeared in the school journal, 'The Paper':-

On April 8th, 9th and 10th, the school put on a show for the parents consisting of an Opera and a Mime. The opera was a short comedy about a plaintiff (played by Christine Rudd) who had been jilted on her wedding day by the defendant (Colin Martin), the plaintiff then takes the defendant to court, the strangest court I've ever seen, where the Jury are inclined to be on the plaintiff's side, mainly because she was a very beautiful and young girl (the kind every man dreams of). After some preliminary warnings by the Usher (Robert Benbow) the case gets under way with the 'guiding hand' of the very learned judge (Mr. Francis). The judge is very alert and also notices the beautiful first bridesmaid (Anita Martin) and the bride, both of which he sends little notes to. However, like all good judges, he finally decides the best way to settle the case is to do the only possible marry the plaintiff himself and so the opera ends up with every one very happy, much to the delight of the plaintiff's counsel (played by Stephen Nyman, 'Dino' to those who don't know his proper name).

The opera lasted about 45 mins and went down very well on all three nights. A vast amount of the stage work and the producing of the play was done by Mr. Learner with a very reliable scenery manager John Anderson. Of course the musical side was left to Miss Flowers and Mr. Stagg who did extremely well to get through everything in the short time they had. In all performances everbody pulled their weight and after asking several people in the audiences of each night there is only one conclusion to be drawn - the parents liked it very much and casually asked "When is the next one going to be put on, do you think it will be summer", to which I can only reply......"PHEW!"

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