The Teachers, c.1960

Also a picture of 'Dusty' Miller

Staff 1960 Mr. Shine Mr. Williams Mr. McInnes Mlle. Borge Miss Cowburn Miss Quass Miss Haddock Miss Brooker Mr. Mayes Mrs. Cohen Mr. Fisher Miss Clarke Mrs. Cleare Mr. Gates Miss Stevens Miss Francis Miss Allinson

Back: Mr. Shine, Mr. Williams, Mr. McInnes, Mlle. Borge,
Miss Cowburn, Miss Quass, Miss Haddock, Miss Brooker, Mr. Mayes,
Mrs. Cohen, Mr. Fisher, Miss Clarke, Mrs. Cleare, Mr. Gates.
Front: Miss Stevens, Miss Francis, Miss Allinson

This photo was taken by Margaret Maguire (née Rollings) using a Kodak Brownie camera. It was probably taken in the girls' playground, close to the entrance to the main building, c.1960.

Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller ("Dusty" to one and all), the school caretaker.
This was taken during a fete on the school field, 1961.