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The History of the Mouse & Rat Fancies

Much worthwhile material on mice and rats has been published as articles, books, booklets, newsletters, etc. Fur & Feather regularly published articles and show reports on mice for many years. Unfortunately the Fancier of today has no access to this material, which earlier fanciers relied upon. [The Rat Fancy has its own NFRS Archivist].

The LSCMRC is working on an archive of this material which goes back for more than 100 years to the earliest days of the Mouse and Rat Fancies.

This project is important as the material is rapidly disappearing. Even the old editions of Fur & Feather held at the British Museum are deteriorating rapidly and their preservation is not regarded as a priority.

Eventually the library will be in an ordered state, but it is likely that it will be rather disorganised to start with - reflecting the manner in which it comes to us. It is likely to be from old editions of Fur and Feather, photographs, articles which have appeared in LSCMRC newsletters (in later years called Exhibition Mouse & Rat), results from our previous Annual Cup Shows, photographs of things, and anything else of interest.

These items will appear on this page first of all but may then be reallocated and may be included in the Library.

The photograph below is Walter Maxey, Founder of the National Mouse Club and the Mouse Fancy. The photograph was taken in the early 1900's. This is followed by his advertisement in the 1935/36 National Mouse Club Rule Book







London & Southern Counties Mouse & Rat Club Records

A mystery - can you help?

One of our members bought the painting which you see below in a junk shop. Email us if you know anything about the painting or the artist whose signature is enlarged below.


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