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Many books have been published on Exhibition Mice and Rats over the past 100 years. Unfortunately most of them are out of print.

We are building up a list of all books of interest to Mouse & Rat Fanciers which have ever been published. If you have anything to add to the list please email us. [The list is in the process of being organised and updated]


The Fancy Mouse, Mrs E.D.Blowers, 1934, Publisher Watmoughs Ltd. Price: 3d. [Part of LSCMRC Electronic Archive]

Mice for the Exhibitor, Hobbyist, and Scientist, J.Wood, 1959 (7th edition), Publisher Watmoughs Ltd. [Part of LSCMRC Electronic Archive]

The Fancy Mouse Albert C Jude, Publisher: Watmoughs Ltd.

Colour Inheritance in Fancy Mice, Publisher: Watmoughs Ltd.

Encyclopaedia of Pet Mice, Tony Jones (a member of the LSCMRC), Publisher: TFH

Exhibition and Pet Mice, Tony Cooke (a former member of the LSCMRC), Publisher: Spur Publications [The LSCMRC has a few for sale - price on application]

The Fancy Mouse, Mrs E.D.Blowers, 1934, Publisher Watmoughs Ltd.

Mice and Rats, Jean E Cook, 1961, Iliffe Books Ltd, London

Fancy Mice, R S Hutchings, 1969, Cassell

Mice & Rats, K W Smith, 1976, Bartholomew

More Mousey Matters - A Manual of Mousekeeping, R Pitt Francis, 1960 (2nd Edition), W T Maddock & Co.

Genetics of the Mouse, The, Hans Gruneberg, 1943, Cambridge at the University Press

American Books

All about Mice, Howard Hirschhorn, 1974, TFH

All about Rats, Howard Hirschhorn, 1974, TFH

Enjoy your Gerbils, Rats & Mice, Helen Perley, 1960's, The Pet Library Ltd

Mice as Pets, Mervyn F Roberts, 1956, TFH

Rats as Pets, Mervyn F Roberts, 1977, TFH


Tame Mice & Rats Booklet. Author: Not Named, Publisher: Ditchfields. Publication date: Late 1950's. Cover: Paper. No. Pages: - CURRENT
A very good booklet for the beginner in mice, although the rat section is very short and out of date. We strongly recomend this booklet which contains good basic information, including colour breeding. (Many Mouse Fanciers started keeping mice after reading this booklet. Obtainable from some pet shops. Price varies. Obtainable through the LSCMRC for 1 pound including postage.

Leaflets and Others

Mice as Pets/Rats as Pets Leaflets. Author: I.Langmead/E.Johnston, Publisher: LSCMRC. Publication date: 1996 Cover: Paper. No. Pages: 4 - CURRENT - Free (send SAE) from LSCMRC (a German translation is also available)

Exhibition Mouse & Rat - Newsletter of the LSCMRC - varies 2 - 6 pages. Available to members of the LSCMRC only on payment of Club annual subscription.

Some new leaflets on rats are being published shortly by the LSCMRC

Fur & Feather published a regular mouse page from the 1890's to the 1970's when they ceased publication. It was considered a necessity by Mouse Fanciers. Little on rats in later years. On resuming publiction, Fur & Feather have printed occasional articles on mice and rats.

A useful source of out-of-print Fancy Mouse & Fancy Rat publications (as well as many books on other Fancies - pigeons, poultry, rabbits, etc.) is Veronica Mayhew (Antiquarian Bookseller), Trewena, Behoes Lane, Woodcote, Nr Reading, Berks RG8 0PP -email: (Please mention this web site)

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