Summer 1956

Readers will learn with sincere regret that at the end of this term Downhills Central School will be parting with its most valued friend, for Mr. Mercer will be retiring after twenty four years as Headmaster.

We are pleased that he has kindly accorded us the privilege of publishing his portrait.

All will wish to join us in recording in this issue of our magazine our appreciation of his loyal and devoted services to the school, and in expressing our gratitude for his un-failing kindliness, and for all the benefits and happy years, which those who have been fortunate enough to work with him on his staff or as pupils, owe to his wise guidance. We extend to Mr. and to Mrs. Mercer our sincere wishes for their continued health, enjoyment and happiness in the future.


In compiling this magazine, we are naturally faced with the problem of finding suitable material for our readers, whether they are present members or past members of the School.

We had to advertise the fact that there was indeed to be our own magazine and then to persuade, badger or actually bulldoze people into submitting written efforts.

Now at last we have gone to press and you can see before you the result. We hope you like it. We realise, however, that there must be many of you brimming over with news, articles or constructive suggestions for our next edition. So please do not delay, but send your efforts in to the Editors.

Here are some ideas. We want snippets of news regarding old scholars particularly as regards marriage, employment, travel, further examination successes, life as a conscript in H.M. Forces and its effect on returning to employment.

Pupils of the School are asked to submit articles on any particularly interesting occasion such as School visits, news of elder brothers and sisters who were formerly pupils of the School. Remember, you are our reporters, so...

On to the next, please!

BEING AN ACTOR by Francis Bailey

Many people think that to be an actor is easy with no work attached. This is very far from the truth. I took part in the School plays and, although it was fun to do the work, sometimes I felt very tired and annoyed.

After a while I felt I had no wish to see or hear the same lines again, but as the time approached for the plays to start I forgot all this in the excitement. As I entered the make-up room with my costume on I saw an array of sticks of grease paint and powder. After being made up I waited for my call, and then stood in the wings, my heart beating quickly and a strange feeling in my stomach. Then I went on and after my first line it was all right and I settled down to my role. After it was all over I felt glad I had taken part and I would gladly do all that work again just for the pleasure it had given me.