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Welcome to the web site for former students of Downhills Central School

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Downhills Central School in Tottenham, North London, is no longer with us. It succumbed to the introduction of the Comprehensive system - and now it has been flattened! However the spirit of the school is still very much alive and resides in its former students.

This site is aimed at all those who started at Downhills Central School on or before 1964, when it occupied the Philip Lane site, or joined one of those classes during the period of amalgamations in the mid '60s. We also have a FaceBook group.

Seeing again the buildings, the old school badge and other items of uniform is very evocative. The design of the badge is a stylised representation of the Water Tower that stood at the top of Downhills Park Road. The school colours were maroon, gold and black and the school motto was taken from the school's initials "DCS" - "Duty, Courage, Success." There are pictures of badges, scarves, etc in the Photo Album section of this site, together with photographs of the buildings.

The Central School system was created after the First World War to provide selective secondary education outside of the existing Grammar Schools. Grammar Schools provided a "classical education," Central Schools had a vocational bias to suit the needs of industry, which was beginning to require large numbers of skilled professionals and managers. They provided a unique opportunity for able students to achieve academic qualifications, which otherwise would have been denied them. Downhills, like all other Central Schools, had all the features of a fee-paying school; a special identity of its own and a house system to encourage friendly competition in all aspects of student activity, academic and sporting - elements all sadly lacking today.

[This is largely the original website designed by Jim Franklin (who wrote the words above) and Roger Beckwith in 2002. Some "modernisation" may occur but the perfect colour and design of the original will be retained. Current webmaster is Eric Jukes (1958-63)]

GONE!! but not forgotten

Downhills Central School is no more. It is buried beneath houses and flats in the new Apple Tree Road (see below). The photograph of the Central School (lower photo) was taken in January 2018. (Thanks to Eddy Oland & family, who live nearby, for providing the photographs). The old Downhills Primary School which some of us (including me) went to is stll there and can just be seen in the photograph left corner), is now known as Harris Primary Academy. Explore the area as it is now.

Your photographs, documents, and memories will be very welcome. (Please scan images at least 300 dpi)

Don't forget the Downhills Central School FaceBook Group

A website dedicated to the history of Summerhill Road, Tottenham that includes memories and photographs from residents both past and present, includes Downhills Central School within its "area". The website has developed into a Local History for Tottenham in general and includes history snippets and further historic photographs and social history from Tottenham's past.

LEGAL - When this website was orginally set up in all its innocent glory, the GDPR - that freuently misinterpreted EU legislation which has spread fear and doom - wasn't even thought of. Thus names of pupils appear throughout this website, mostly with implied permission. However, if you wish your name to be removed for any reason then please advise the webmaster.


School Roll

We have built a list of each year's new intake of pupils. Check you're included!


Memories and messages from former students.

SS Beaverford

The school's adopted ship, lost with all hands in 1940.

A report on the original dedication service is reproduced on a second page covering the "Beaverford".

A plan of the school

A diagram showing a plan of the school as it was c.1961 can be seen here. The school must have changed a lot over the years and contributions showing its layout in former times are sought.

The Archive

A collection of historical documents including a history of the school 1919-1955 and several issues of the school magazine.

Photo Album

Pictures of the pupils, the school buildings, uniforms and badges

School Productions

Photos, programmes and reviews of school theatrical productions


Photos and articles about DCS staff.


The sporting achievements of DCS students are depicted with photos.


Photos of 'awaydays' and shool holiday journeys.


A photograph of a
Semmons house badge.

More photos and anecdotes from your time at the school.

Mandall House Badge Roberts House Badge
Semmons House Badge Wilson House Badge

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