Reunions were held in 2002, 2003 and 2005.
Here are some photos.

Reunion - Class of 1952

The class of 1952. Can you help with names, please.

Reunion - Class of 1956

The class of 1956.
L-R. Tom Berry, Brian Fowke, Pearl Hadwick, Jim Franklin, Pat Brightman, Ken Adams, Pat Hill, Graham Waite, Barbara Moy, Billy East, Martin Love.

Reunion - Class of 1958

The class of 1958.
John Hanline, Tony Dring and "Tommo" Thompson.

Reunion - Class of 1959

The class of 1959.
Back row L to R: Ray (Speedy) Callaghan, Janette Matthews (now Callaghan),
Ray Hooper, Sue Marson (now Spice).
Front row L to R: Rod James, Margaret Potts (now Hall), Gordon Finnan,
Michael Houghton.

Reunion - Class of 1960

The class of 1960.
Back row: Peter Raymond, Kathleen Diver, Derek Cattle, Edwin Lock,
Linda Youell, Stephen Nyman, Gillian Cooper.
Front row: Gloria MacLean, Janet Baker, Jacqueline Kerbey, Norma Bryant.


The class of 1953.
Pam Tickell, Norma Tylee, Brian Clifford (at back), Anne Saunders, Brian Edwards (at back), Bette Smith, Fred Wyllie, Betty Martin, Fred Stapleton, Eric Borley, Jimmy McKean (in front). Picture from Betty Smith.


The class of 1951.
L-R: Valerie Carthy, Tony Collins, Jacqueline Aldwinkle, Richard Burgess, Margaret Ashford. Picture below from Betty Smith.


The class of 1951.
Standing L-R: ?, ?, ?, Ann Young, David Price, Tony Collins,
Brenda Tomaszevski, Richard Burgess, Brenda Ritz.
Seated L-R: Valerie Carthy, Carol Hart, Margaret Ashford (half hidden), Jacqueline Aldwinkle, Eileen Russell, Doreen Carliell, Patricia Reilly,
Brenda Hemingway, Terry Nunn. Picture by Margaret Ashford.