Productions Index

A selection of school theatrical productions.

HMS Pinafore, 1929
Photos of some members of the cast of a production staged at Tottenham Polytechnic on Sunday, 14th April 1929. Photos from the album of David W. Powrie, sent by his son Jim.

She Stoops to Conquer - 1951
Photo and some names came from Raymond Turner.

Unidentified Production - c.1952
We don't know what production this photo shows, but it's thought to date from 1952. Any help with identifying the show or the participants would be welcome.

More Unidentified Productions, c.1953/4
Again, we don't know what productions these photo show. Any help with identifying the shows or more of the participants would be welcome.

The Lady with the Lamp - December 1955
Produced by Mr Davis in conjunction with the Old Scholars' Association.

Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas - May 1960
Rosemary Kitchen as Dido and Mr. Francis as Aeneas were the leads in this production conducted by Miss Clarke and produced by Mr. Jaques. Please note - there are seven photos on this page and it may take a while to download. It's worth the wait, though!

Widows are Dangerous, c.1961
The drama group of the Old Scholars Association produced this one.

The Government Inspector - 1962
Another production by Mr. Jaques, this time of a play by Gogol.

HMS Pinafore - 1964
Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta was produced by Mr. Arthur Learner assisted by Mr. Jaques. Again, these pages will take some time to download.

Trial by Jury - 1965
Gilbert & Sullivan again, also produced by Mr. Learner and conducted by Miss Flowers.

Die Fledermaus - 1969
A bit out of our normal time span, but this photo shows Mr. Learner and Miss Flowers.

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