The Government Inspector - 1962

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This 1962 production of 'The Government Inspector' was produced by Mr. Jaques.
Photos from Jim Franklin and Clive Hall.

The Government Inspector Richard Goold Colin Jarman Bob Morgan Tony Dring

left to right Tony Dring, Bob Morgan, Colin Jarman and Richard Goold

The Government Inspector Michael Corbyn Jeffrey Thompson Peter Lowman

Peter Lowman; Jeffrey Thompson; Michael Corbyn

The Government Inspector Ken Willis Tony Dring Jeffrey Thompson

Jeffrey Thompson; Tony Dring; Ken Willis

This review appeared in the School Magazine

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday May 31st, June 1st, 2nd; the Drama Club presented "The Government Inspector" by Nicolai Gogol in the School Hall. The venture was a resounding success and the producer Mr. A. S. Jaques and the cast of boys and girls of the School are to be congratulated.

The play which is a period piece and a comedy, is set in early nineteenth century Russia. Hence it was only by dint of some very talented performances, very hard work in rehearsal that the play was brought back to such vigorous life.

The entire play is based on mistaken identity and on the panic caused - for good reasons - among the Officials of the towns headed by the Mayor when a hint is dropped that the Inspector-General is coming incognito from St. Petersburg. Such is the consternation of the inept officials that they take Khlestakov, a smartly dressed windbag, to be the Government Inspector. Jeffrey Thompson gave an admirable performance in this latter part. The part of the Mayor, which was the longest and most difficult, was played by Colin Jarman. He deserves great praise for a very commendable effort.

Robert Lockyer, the School Superintendent; Christine Rudd his wife; District Judge, Robert Morgan; Charity Commissioner, Richard Goold; Postmaster, Ian MacNab; Town Landowners, Kenneth Willis and Anthony Dring all gave of their best, and deserve the warmest praise. Other fine performances were given by Michael Corbyn as Yosif, Khlestakov's servant; by Frances Cox, and Barbara Jones as the Mayor's wife and daughter, ably supported in smaller parts by Jacqueline Farrow and June Astill, by Peter Lowman, Colin Berry, Paul Warren, Graham Waite, James Franklin and John Wigley.

The period of the play gives a fine opportunity for some colourful and attractive costumes, and despite the inadequacy of the stage, the scenery, lighting and music were very effective.

Special mention is due to David Harvey, the extremely efficient Stage Manager, and his team. - R.S.

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