The Staff - Index Page

The Staff in 1947

Mr. Mercer and his staff photographed on the stage of the hall c.1947.

The Staff in 1948

The weather must have been better when the photographer called in 1948, as the staff were photographed outdoors.

The Staff in 1951

Another great group shot of Mr. Mercer and his team.

Some Teachers in 1960

An informal group including Mr. Fisher and some of his teachers. There's also a picture of 'Dusty' Miller.

Alan Fiddick (1931-1960)

Alan taught at the school for little more than three years until his life was cut tragically short in 1960.

John Fisher (1917-2008)

An obituary originally written for The Guardian Mr. Fisher's daughter Susan remembers her father.

Evelyn Flowers (1930-1979)

An appreciation written by her brother, Ronald. Illustrated with photos from Linda Smith née Sharp.

Geoff Rowe (1925-1992)

A life history written by Geoff's son, Steve. Plus photos which trace his life from his time in the RAF up to retirement.
A second page features an article by Geoff's brother, Norman.
The third page has memories of Geoff from former pupils and more photos.

Pupils' Memories of the Staff

Stuart Gilles and Jim Franklin have contributed comments about teachers at the school for us.


Page 1: Photos of teachers from Linda Smith née Sharp: Learner; Francis; Ward; Quass; Holden; Coles; Sinclair.

Photos from Ron Dunhill:-

Page 2: Cleare; Francis; Cowburn; Coles; MacInnes; Quass; Leech; Mayes.

Page 3: Clark; Brooker; Dunhill; Ward; Francis; Ossowski.

Page 4: Hill; Smith; Rowe; Learner; Cowburn; MacInnes.

As always, more contributions would be welcome.