Photo Album Index


On these pages are formal school groups, informal shots taken at the school, and more recent pictures of former students as adults.

The 1919 Intake
The 1937 Intake
The 1938 Intake
The 1942 Intake
The 1943 Intake
The 1946 Intake
The 1947 Intake
The 1948 Intake
The 1949 Intake
The 1950 Intake
The 1951 Intake
The 1952 Intake
The 1953 Intake
The 1955 Intake
The 1958 Intake
The 1959 Intake
The 1954 Prefects
The 1957 Prefects


Pictures from the 1960s, 1980s and 2000 showing the exterior of the school. Also a page showing a mural that was in the hall in the post-war years and another with a couple of classroom interiors.

Badges & Uniforms

Photographs of house badges, prefect's badges, blazer badge, cap, scarf, etc. Also photos of the old water tower, the appearance of which is the basis of the school badge. Plus the 'stamp', familiar from your school books and a battered copy of "Hymns Ancient & Modern".

Please e-mail us if you can add to this collection of photographs.