The 1949 Intake

1949 Intake 38 Jack Langford (?) Dennis Broughton Alan Cudlip Stuart Almond Lennie Harper 32 31 30 29 Jeanette Morris Diane Mack ? 26 Iris Blanchard Sylvia Burns 23 Sandra Rubin Pat Atkins 20 19 18 17 16 Rosemary ? 14 13 12 Mr. Davis Johnnie Cook 9 8 Reggie Hopkins Tony Mead 5 Michael Wolf 3 2 Kenneth Short

Sent to us by Sandra Rubin, the two pictures on this page show the 1949 intake -
can you help with more names, please?

Back Row: #1 Kenneth Short; #4 Michael Wolf;
#6 Tony Mead; #7 Reggie Hopkins; #10 Johnnie Cook.
Second Row: #1 Mr. Davis; #5 Rosemary ?; #11 Pat Atkins;
Third Row: #1 Sandra Rubin; #3 Sylvia Burns; #4 Iris Blanchard
#6 Diane Mack ?; #7 Jeanette Morris.
Front Row: Lennie Harper; Stuart Almond; Alan Cudlip;
Dennis Broughton; Jack Langford (?); ???.

1949 Intake Alan Cudlip 34 Derek Shell Jack Langford 31 30 29 Irish Blanchard Sandra Rubin Jean Vacher Beryl Wildman Pat Hennessey 23 Jeanette Morris Rosemary Brittain Yvonne English Wendy Darling Irene Faulkner Valerie Hooper Joan Clowes Valerie Tippet Pat Atkins 13 Mavis ? 11 Charles Cronin Michael Shewring Michael Wolf 7 6 Bruce Marshall 4 Reggie Hopkins Tony Poly 1

Again, we need more names for this picture.

Back Row: ???; Tony Poly; Reggie Hopkins; ???; Bruce Marshall; ???; ???;
Michael Wolf; Michael Shewring; Charles Cronin.
Second Row: ???; Mavis ?; ???; Pat Atkins; Valerie Tippet; Joan Clowes;
Valerie Hooper; Irene Faulkner; Wendy Darling.
Third Row: Yvonne English; Rosemary Brittain; Jeanette Morris; ???;
Pat Hennessey; Beryl Wildman; Jean Vacher; Sandra Rubin; Irish Blanchard.
Front Row: ???; ???; ???; Jack Langford; Derek Shell; ???; Alan Cudlip.

1949 Intake David Shell 33 Bruce Marshall 31 Stuart Gilles 29 Shirley Scrivens Maureen Green(?) Jill Walpole Sheila Roberts Mr Rowe Beryl Wildman(?) Pat Hennessey Yvonne English Wendy Darling 19 Ray Wright Colin Clark Wendy Cohen Carol King Pam Filby (?) Jean Clowes Ann Davy 11 10 9 Brian Flat Derek Murden Brian Reynolds 5 4 3 2 Ron King

Steve Rowe sent us this picture. The teacher is, of course his father Geoff.
Stuart Gilles reckons this is Form 1C in 1949 or 2C in in 1950.
Can you identify more of the pupils?

Back row: Ron King; ???; ???; ???; ???;
Brian Reynolds; Derek Murden; Brian Flat; ???.
Second row: ???; ???; Ann Davy; Jean Clowes; Pam Filby (?); Carol King;
Wendy Cohen; Colin Clark; Ray Wright.
Third row:???; Wendy Darling; Yvonne English; Pat Hennessey;
Beryl Wildman(?); Mr. Rowe; Sheila Roberts; Jill Walpole;
Maureen Green(?); Shirley Scrivens; ???
Front row Stuart Gilles; ???; Bruce Marshall; ???; David Shell

1949 Intake Lilian Points Ann Davy Rosemary Brittain Jeanette Morris Beryl Wildman Carol King Eileen Parker Rita Skeats(?) Ron King Mr Rowe Joyce Hughes Yvonne English 17 16 Shelia Roberts Charles Cronin 13 Shirley Scrivener Maureen Green Brian Reynolds Derek Collins John Hearn David Killick Michael Shewring 5 Colin Barret 3 Colin Clarke Brian Wood

Charles Cronin sent us this shot of Form 4c in 1953.
Back Row: Brian Wood; Colin Clarke; ???; Colin Barret; ???;
Michael Shewring; David Killick; John Hearn; Derek Collins.
Second Row: Brian Reynolds; Maureen Green; Shirley Scrivener; ???;
Charles Cronin; Shelia Roberts ; ??? ; ???; Yvonne English;
Joyce Hughes; Mr Rowe; Ron King.
Front row: Rita Skeats(?); Eileen Parker; Carol King; Beryl Wildman;
Jeanette Morris; Rosemary Brittain; Ann Davy; Lilian Points.

Please let us know if you find any errors on this page, or can add more names.
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