The 1947 Intake

Some of the 1947 Intake also appear in a photo in the "Journeys" pages

1947 Intake

This photo comes from Pat Stuart (nee Blight).

Mr Langdell's class in 1950, taken in the school field at the end of the summer term before going into Mrs Parker's class in 1951.

Back row: Sheila Edgar; ?; Roy Agar; ?; Dennis Hunt;
John Morley; ?; Bonnie Deemen; ?
2nd row: ?; Clifford Salmon; ?; Peter Murley; Ronnie Winterflood; ?;
Ronnie Putt; ?; Raymond Turner
3rd row: Marion Waller; ?; ?; Sheila Boon; Mr Langdell; Sandra Gelbier;
Jeanette Walker; Beryl Tompkins; ?
Front: ?; Pat Kennard; Pat Blight; Jean Parker

1947 Intake

Another photo from Pat Stuart (nee Blight).

Back row: Sheila Edgar; Beryl Tompkins; ?; Pat Kennard; ?; ?; ?.
Middle row: Sandra Gelbier; Jeanette Walker; ?; Shirley Taylor
Millicent Denney; JeanParker; Pat Blight.
Front row: Sheila Frost; Sheila Boon; Mr Hoskins; ?; Marion Waller.

1947 Intake

Form 1B in the first term of 1947. Again from Pat Stuart (nee Blight).

back row: Roy Agar; ?; ?; John Morley; ?; ?; Larry Furse; ?;
?; ?; ?; ?; ?; Clifford Salmon; ?
middle row, last three on right: Rene Keylock; Sheila Edgar; Sheila Dorling
front row: Lilian Mansfield; ?; Doris Aldridge; Pat Blight; ?; ?; ?; ?; ?

1947 Intake

Class 4A in 1951, a photo from Gordon Grimmette.
back row:- Ralph Phelps; Stan Harrison; Roy Agar; Ron Winterflood;
Ray Turner; ?; Dereck Barton; Charlie Large.
2nd row:- Clifford Salmon; ?; Sheila Edgar; Sheila Frost; ?; Pat Kennard;
Millicent Denney; Tom Hamilton; Ron Putt.
3rd row:- ?; Marion Waller; ?; Sandra Gelbrier; Miss Parker; Jean Parker;
Bonnie Deeman; Jeanette Walker; Shirley Taylor.
front row:- John Morley; ?; Peter Murley.

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