The 1950 Intake

1950 Intake Audrey Kirby Brenda Tomaszewski Irene Faulkner Diana Hearn Lita Almond Miss Davis Frances Bailey Pat Manning Barbara West Kay Stock Reg Dixon Tom Bradford Ann Jukes ? Vera Bishop Betty Smith Sheila Bickers ? Barbara Woodbridge Tommy Farr Ray Wright Peter Ilett Alastair McConnell ? Edward Chesterman Malcolm Fry Arthur Jarvis Derek Hellery Roger Jenkins Tommy (?) Pratt

Form 4A in 1954 - Photo sent by Barbara Zimmermann (nee Woodbridge)

Back row: Tommy (?) Pratt; Roger Jenkins; Derek Hellery; Arthur Jarvis;
Malcolm Fry; Edward Chesterman ; Alastair McConnell ?; Peter Ilett.
Middle row: Ray Wright; Tommy Farr; Barbara Woodbridge; Sheila Bickers ?;
Betty Smith; Vera Bishop; Ann Jukes ?; Tom Bradford; Reg Dixon.
Front row: Kay Stock; Barbara West; Pat Manning; Frances Bailey; Miss Davis;
Lita Almond; Diana Hearn; Irene Faulkner; Brenda Tomaszewski; Audrey Kirby.

1950 Intake Miss Davis Marion Gore Roger Jenkins Betty Smith Barbara Woodbridge Rita Campbell ? Tom Bradford Pat Manning Audrey Kirby Malcolm Fry Philip Francis (?) Tony Brace Arthur Jarvis

Members of Form 5A in 1955
Photo also sent by Barbara Zimmermann (nee Woodbridge)

Arthur Jarvis; Tony Brace; Philip Francis (?); Malcolm Fry; Audrey Kirby;
Pat Manning; Tom Bradford; Rita Campbell ?; Barbara Woodbridge; Betty Smith;
Roger Jenkins; Marion Gore; Miss Davis.

Ken Watson writes:- "From memory, two of the pupils from this form went on to become teachers themselves, Phil Francis and Roger Jenkins. After completing his national service in the RAF and then Teachers college, Phil came back to teach at Downhills Central School some 4 or 5 years after completing his own secondary education there. He was also a member of the old scholars drama group."

Brenda Tomaszewski helped with identifications.

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