The 1958 Intake

1958 Intake Colin Jarman Peter Ryan Richard Taylor Clive Hall Mr. Learner Bruce Kellard Geoff Brook Richard Goold Chris Watts Bob Lockyer Colin Berry Ken Noble Brian Wells Dave Harvey Bob Morgan Tony Dring Alan Thompson Henry Haggar Leslie Knight

Ron Dunhill took this picture of some boys of the '58 intake seen in the
third year, so probably 1961. Dave Harvey helped with identifications.

Back: Leslie Knight; Henry Hagger; Alan Thompson.
Middle: Tony Dring; Bob Morgan; Dave Harvey; Brian Wells;
Ken Noble; Colin Berry; Bob Lockyer; Chris Watts.
Front: Richard Goold; Geoff Brook; Bruce Kellard; Mr Learner; Clive Hall;
Richard Taylor; Peter Ryan; Colin Jarman.

1958 Intake Pam Riley Joy Dowers Jacqueline Farrow Brenda Uff June Astill Carol ? Jean Hills 4 Carole Kreetzer Judith Elbourne Janice Desborough Jean Wilson Mr Learner Carole Morgan Janet Atkins Annette Wills Christine Rudd Frances Cox

Ron's shot of the girls of '58, clearly taken at the same time as the boys' picture.

Back: Frances Cox, Christine Rudd, Annette Wills , Janet Atkins, Carole Morgan,
Mr. Learner, Jean Wilson, Janice Desborough, Judith Elbourne, Carol Kreetzer.
Front: ???, Jean Hills, Carol ?, June Astill, Brenda Uff,
Jacqueline Farrow, Joy Dowers, Pam Riley.

1958 Intake Madeline Boothby Patricia Johnson Margaret Watts 1 Elizabeth Shad Julia Holden Marianne Landeryou Kay Stitson

From Christine Peak, this was taken on the last day of school, July 1963.
Kay Stitson, Marianne Landeryou, Julia Holden, Elizabeth Shad, ???
Margaret Watts, Patricia Johnson, Madeline Boothby.

Dennis Hemmit.
Also sent by Christine Peak.

Dennis Hemmit

1958 Intake

Dave Tompkins - Valerie Wilson - Ray Bowers
photos from Linda Sharp.

1958 Intake

Ray Bowers,
Hilary Gardner,
David Tompkins,
Norma Amos.

Valerie Wilson,
Anita Moon,
Susanne Manley,
Linda Hillyer.

photo from
Linda Sharp.

The School Choir

The School

Henry Haggar,
Alan Thompson,
Les Knight and
Chris Watts.

Photo club outing to London. c.1960

Photo Club

Brenda Uff and Tony Dring

Brenda Uff and Tony Dring

Francis Cox and unknown

Francis Cox and unknown

Clive Hall and Bruce "Archie" Kellard

Clive Hall and
Bruce "Archie" Kellard

Bob Morgan and Dave Harvey

Bob Morgan and Dave Harvey

Richard Taylor and Bob Lockyer

Richard Taylor and
Bob Lockyer

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