The 1943 Intake

1943 Intake Joyce Neville 34 Stella Tollins 32 Pat Bray Miss Davis 29 28 Ken Humphries Alan Coster 25 Colin (?) Mitchell Jack Hahn Grace Fordham Betty Ranger Norma Shayler Doreen Loveday June Locke Jean Coster 16 Audrey Parsons 14 Pat Toomey Hilda Brace Reg Medhurst Trevor Walpole Les Hersey John Spalding Harry Sweetland George Smith Emile Maeder John Bailey Gerald Osmond ? Rogers Colin Foxwell

Form 3J in 1945 or 6. Photo from John Spalding

Back Row:
Colin Foxwell, ? Rogers, Gerald Osmond, John Bailey, Emile Maeder, George Smith, Harry Sweetland, John Spalding, Les Hersey, Trevor Walpole, Reg Medhurst
Middle Row:
Hilda Brace, Pat Toomey, ???, Audrey Parsons, ???, Jean Coster,
June Locke, Doreen Loveday, Norma Shayler, Betty Ranger, Grace Fordham,
Jack Hahn, Colin (?) Mitchell
Front Row: ???, Alan Coster, Ken Humphries, ???, ???, Miss Davis, Pat Bray,
???, Stella Tollins, ???, Joyce Neville

1943 Intake Ted Vaughan ? Rogers George Smith Colin Webster Mr Martin Reg Medhurst Alan Coster Ken Humphries Gerry Osmond Peter Peacock Emile Maeder Dave Holt Rod Porter Ken Donovan Jack Hahn Wilf Smith John Clifton Les Hersey ? Sullivan Ken Coleman John Bailey ? Francis Ken Rippingale

The Fourth Year Boys, 1946 or 7. Photo from John Spalding

Back Row: Ken Rippingale, ? Francis, John Bailey, Ken Coleman,
? Sullivan, Les Hersey, John Clifton
Middle Row: Wilf Smith, Jack Hahn, Ken Donovan, Rod Porter, Dave Holt,
Emile Maeder, Peter Peacock
Front Row: Gerry Osmond, Ken Humphries, Alan Coster, Reg Medhurst,
Mr Martin, Colin Webster, George Smith, ? Rogers, Ted Vaughan

1943 Intake Joyce Neville Joan Smith Alma Osborne Beryl Brown Beatrice Ridyard Joyce Akehurst Audrey Parsons Cherie Lakeberger Hilda Brace Pat Bray Miss Davis Bemard Humphries Tony Andrews John Spalding Cliff Burt Bill Dunk Trevor Walpole Collin (?) Mitchell John Mendham Harry Sweetland

The Fourth Form in 1946 or 7. Photo from John Spalding

Back Row: Harry Sweetland, John Mendham, Colin (?) Mitchell, Trevor Walpole,
Bill Dunk, Cliff Burt, John Spalding, Tony Andrews, Bemard Humphries, Miss Davis
Front Row: Pat Bray, Hilda Brace, Cherie Lakeberger, Audrey Parsons,
Joyce Akehurst, Beatrice Ridyard, Beryl Brown, Alma Osborne,
Joan Smith, Joyce Neville

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