The Buildings - 1: the 1960s

Building and air raid shelter

Classrooms looking onto boys' playground. The main building dates from 1912.

Boys' entrance

Boys' entrance. The men's staff room occupied the area to the right of the door.

Path by field

Looking down the path which ran from Downhills Park past the field to the school.

H.O.R.S.A. building

The "hut". Correctly, a H.O.R.S.A. building (huts on raising school age), built in 1949. It contained two classrooms.

Girls' playground

Looking across the girls' playground, which bordered onto Downhills Park.

Pictures supplied by Roger Beckwith

The pictures on this page date from about 1960. They are of very poor quality because they are actually frames of an 8mm cine film which has faded very badly in the intervening 40 years or so.

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