Badges & Uniform

Although our memories may fade and we may lose touch with our school friends, the sight of the old school badge is still very evocative. The icon itself is a stylised representation of the Water Tower that stood at the top of Downhills Park Road. Its purpose was to provide a head of water to the surrounding area. Its date of origin is as yet unknown, but it was demolished in the early 1950s as it was deemed to be in a dangerous state. As can be seen from the pictures, the badge was an excellent representation of the building, suggesting several of its architectural details.

Prefect's badge, c.1960

A prefect's badge, 1960.

Blazer badge

A blazer badge.


The Water Tower

The Water Tower

Our thanks to the Local History Museum at Bruce Castle Park for the pictures of the tower. Despite it being a landmark for many years, these are the only pictures in the local archives.

School captain's badge 1956

A School Captain's badge, 1956.

Prefect's badge, c.1955

A prefect's badge, 1955. Neither this nor the undated blue sample to the right are as appealing as the 1960 badge shown on the previous page.

House Captain's badge

Clive Hall sent this picture of a house captain's badge - but doesn't recall being a house captain! Does anyone remember house captains, perhaps after the merger with South Grove?


Christine Edwards, nee Peak sent this photo of her daughter Sophie modelling a DCS beret.


A school tie.

School vice-captain's badge 1955

A Vice-Captain's badge, 1955.

Blue Prefect's badge

Another form of
Prefect's badge.

Roberts badge

A Roberts house badge, c.1956.

Mandall badge

A Mandall house badge, c.1956.

Wilson Badge

A Wilson house badge.


A school scarf.


Peter Wood (Woody) has sent this shot of another scarf. Does anyone else remember scarves with the stripes running down their length, rather than crosswise as in the earlier photo above?

Linda King (nee Hillyer) comments:-
I hate to admit it but I still have my scarf with the stripes going down. It is kept in the bottom of my husband's wardrobe (he went to Chapel End School in Walthamstow) - it is the only item of clothing I kept! I think the scarf only came into being just before we left school in 1963 or maybe it was only worn by upper school, not sure but was certainly an improvement on the old scarf.


A school cap. Photo sent by Raymond Turner.


Not a badge or an item of uniform, of course, but you've probably seen this before, in the dim, distant past...

from Peter Raymond.

...perhaps in one of these.

Hymn Book


Other photos from Irene Fox, John Cunningham, Clive Hall,
Brenda Ford (née Tomaszewski), Terry Nunn,
Barbara Zimmermann (née Woodbridge) & Roger Beckwith.

Do you have an item not represented here? If so, please get in touch with us.