Dover c.1956

The 1952 Intake

In addition to his photos of the Goring outing, Ken Watson also sent us a couple of photographs of pupils from Form 5J taken on an outing to Dover, probably in the autumn term of 1956. He comments that they are not the best of photgraphs having been stored in an old box for more than 45 years! So why not follow Ken's example and start hunting for those old boxes of Downhills photos.....

Dover 1952 Peter Lea Peter Hough John Cunningham Ken Watson Alan Godfrey Andrew McLellan Valerie Appleby Geoff Lane ??? Justin Roach

Sitting: Justin Roach, ???, Valerie Appleby, Geoff Lane,
John Cunningham, Peter Hough and Peter Lea.
Standing: Andrew McLellan, Alan Godfrey and Ken Watson.

Dover 1952 Denis Clark Peter Hough John Stokes Peter Lea John Cunningham

John Cunningham, Peter Lea, and John Stokes.

Peter Hough and Denis Clark.