Faverges 1951

Faverges 1951 Relatives of the proprietor Norman Fairman Ramon Gold Miss Coda Pat Blight Alan Poulton Mr. Say Sylvia Moses ??? Relative of the proprietor Miss Hanlon Irene Fox ??? Mr. Vos Peter Francis Maureen Shennan ??? Sheila Boon Colin Sanderson Kennard Kemp Marion Waller ??? Brian Mann Barbara Webb ??? Marion Proven Clifford Salmon Pat Kennard Rene Renoix (Hotel proprietor)

This picture was sent to us by Irene Fox and was taken at Faverges during the first post-war school journey. Rather difficult to list the names, so place your cursor over a face for the name to appear. Roughly left to right: Rene Renoix (Hotel proprietor), Pat Kennard, Clifford Salmon, Marion Proven, ???, Barbara Webb, Brian Mann, ???, Marion Waller, Sheila Boon, Kennard Kemp, Colin Sanderson, ???, Maureen Shennan, Peter Francis, ???, Mr. Vos, Irene Fox, Miss Hanlon, Sylvia Moses, ???, Relative of proprietor, Alan Poulton, Mr. Say, Pat Blight, Miss Coda, two more relatives, Ramon Gold and Norman Fairman.

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